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Who We Are

So what's in a name?

The name "Society Nine" is an important one - I often tell people it's actually the first product I created.

Looking back in American history, there's no greater historical event in women's sports than when Title IX was passed. For those who need a quick history lesson, Title IX states:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

At the time of its passing, it gave women the right to compete at the collegiate level in sports. Since then, we've gotten ourselves to a point where women can fight equally amongst men on the mainstream stage, in the cage and in the ring. While we still have a ways to go, what I do know is, I sat in a sold out Staples Center to witness a UFC PPV card, headlined by two women's fights. We live in an incredible time for women's athletics. 

That's what our society honors. It pays homage to the fighters before us, and the fighters now amongst us. It speaks to what the future holds for the modern female fighter - she is capable of doing absolutely anything. 

Society Nine is the brand for female fighters everywhere. We outfit and equip the fiercest women on the planet.

I created Society Nine for the female fighter who trains in combat sports, and to also represent the every-female fighter in our lives, across all sports. By early morning or late evening, she’s a boxer, a grappler; a Crossfitter, a runner; a rock climber, a cyclist. By day, she’s your fierce mom, your sister; a student working two jobs and going to school; your local barista or waitress saving up for a dream. We are creating a movement and community that unites strong, empowered, diverse, fierce women who are fighting for more than physique. We are the brand for this community of badass women.

Female fighters are looking for a brand that represents themnot just in brand name, but in respect

At Society Nine, the way to show that respect is by providing quality products, whose design, creation, engineering and execution is done truly with the female fighter in mind, and any aspiring female fighter who wants to get into the sport.

The other way we are showing respect is celebrating how diverse female fighters are - they are different body types, sizes, skill sets, backgrounds; but they are such strong, empowered fierce women. They have pure resilience and unbridled strength.

Society Nine is uniting these women under the banner of defining power on our own terms. 

That is what we celebrate at Society Nine. As a brand, for anyone who wears and trains in our product, we want them to be happy with not just the quality, but equally proud to wear that banner and represent our values. 

Thanks for joining our Society.

Founder, Society Nine