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The Team

The Society Nine team is comprised of athletes, serious practitioners and instructors/trainers in various MMA, boxing and extreme sports. We are competitive, in and out of the office - and we care about our athletes and customers' performance. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to make gear and apparel that we are proud to wear ourselves, and endorse to our own students and peers for training and competition. After all, we wouldn't endorse anything that we wouldn't put on and train in ourselves! Plus, performance should look good - and we are committed to innovation, as well as beauty in function.

Name: Lynn - Founder/CEO
Favorite combat sports to train in: Krav Maga, Muay Thai, boxing
Interesting facts: She is multi-lingual, lived in France for a period of time and ran the Amsterdam Marathon before she realized that running was not for her. Unsure of what sport to try next, she decided to try her hand at Krav Maga after a trip to Israel, where someone recommended it to her. After realizing how much it empowered her, she never turned back and has continued to train as well as experiment with other combat sports. She is also a former kickboxing instructor.

Name: Meghan - Director of Sales and Marketing
Favorite combat sports to train in: Muay Thai, MMA
Interesting facts: Prior to finding her passion for Muay Thai, she had been a competitive rower for over 10 years. After graduating from college she devoted herself to trying to make a US National or Olympic team. That dream was derailed when she broke her back in a car accident. However, it was that injury that opened up so many amazing opportunities in her life and led her to find her fight and strength in combat sports. She is currently 1-0 as an amateur Muay Thai fighter.