The Importance of Fit

**Disclaimer** We understand that one size does not fit all. We promise that with every glove, we do our best to keep in mind the inherent diversity of women's hand sizes. Like shoes, while our sizes may be absolutely perfect for some, it may not work for others. Our initial focus group of women was intentionally diverse in weight, height and hand measurements, but there is always room for improvement and we love information! We welcome feedback so that we can continue to get better with every product we make.
Shrink it, pink it

Shrink It & Pink It

You can’t take men’s products in the smallest size, turn them bright pink, then sell them as women gloves.

  • Risk injury

  • Compromise your training

  • Create bad striking habits

Women first

Women First

Perfect fit

Perfect Fit

We developed our gloves to consider diverse hand sizes, the differences in how an individual strikes, and their fit preferences. Women deserve quality gear that respects their athleticism and fitness journey.

  • Redesigned women’s structure 

  • Developed with a goal to reduce injury due to floating inside ill-fitting gloves

  • Create impact resistance

Poor fit

Poor Fit, Poor Performance

You’re throwing a bag of bones at a heavy bag, so you want the best shock absorption. Being able to comfortably create a clenched fist helps to create that absorption. You wouldn't train for a marathon wearing shoes two sizes too big.

Great fit

Great Fit, Great Strike

By being able to comfortably clench your fist in our gloves, you create the ability to absorb the impact, overall putting you in a better position to reduce injury. Great technique is always key to reducing injury first and foremost, but after great technique comes great equipment. We want to be there to support you.