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Glove Care Instructions

Here are some special tips we recommend in caring for your Society Nine boxing gloves or MMA gloves:

  1. Outside of the gloves: we recommend blending some warm water and a light soap into a towel rag, wringing it out, and wiping down the outside of the gloves with that. While bleach wipes may be a popular method of cleaning, it has the potential to break down materials (any material, whether it be leather or synthetic). We can understand if you feel like you'd be safer cleaning down with bleach wipes, just be aware that bleach wipes can break down materials faster.
  2. Inside of the gloves: First and foremost, we recommend always air drying your gloves the moment you get home. If you will be sitting in a commute on your way home or going to somewhere, simply leave your gloves out of your duffel bag so that they can air dry. That is the biggest and first step to reducing the build up of bacteria! Secondly, bleach wipes can be okay to use internally. Our liner is a nylon/polyester liner and can dry somewhat quickly once the air drying process begins and this material doesn't risk breaking down as much as externally. 

Have more questions? Please email us at sales@societynine.com and we'd be glad to help!