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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some quick answers to a specific question? Use this handy FAQ list as a shortcut to some of the most frequently asked questions we get, from products, to fit, to shipping, and other stuff in between!

Q: What makes your gloves overall different?

A: We started the company developing gloves to specifically fit women by gathering data from real women - their height, weight, hand measurements and fit preferences is what went into the actual development of Society Nine’s fit profile of our gloves. So we are rooted in putting women first. Our fit profile of our boxing gloves therefore are much more contoured to the knuckles of a woman’s fist, giving her a better ability to get a good strike in (in other words, no more floating inside giant gloves!)

A contoured fist also allows for the ability to better protect your hand because you're creating a better compressive surface for your knuckles when you punch. After all, you're throwing in a bag of bones really hard at something! You need as much compression as you can get - so our contoured fit is a key component of making sure that you are able to create a proper compressed surface to strike with.

We continue to collect feedback, information and data from our customers still to this day in order to continue to improve our products and be a brand our customers are proud to wear.

Q: What are the differences between the Bia Boxing Glove and the Essentials Training Glove?

A: There are a couple key differences between our Bia Boxing Glove and the Essentials Training Glove. The Bia Boxing Glove is made of leather, and has a much more contoured, conformed fit. It can be used for sparring, heavy bag work, and mitt work. It is recommended that traditional hand wraps be used, and not quick wraps or gel wraps with these gloves as they were not designed to be used with these types of wraps.

For the Essentials Training Glove, we created this glove to accommodate for beginners who prefer to use quick wraps out of comfort and preference. We found it necessary to make sure these customers felt like they were served as well, as they are also an important part of our community. 

The material we use for the Essentials Training Glove is a synthetic leather that has much more stretch and flexibility than leather (leather takes some time to break in) so the cavity inside of the glove feels a bit more spacious to accommodate the materials of a quick wrap or a gel wrap. It’s also a versatile glove to use if you’re a more advanced student and you want gloves to change out of your different training needs. It can be used for heavy bag work and mitt work. We don’t recommend using them for sparring.

Q: How would you recommend cleaning Society Nine gloves?

A: We have a handy step-by-step recommendation for how to keep your gloves fresh and clean - you can view it here!

Q: How does your glove sizing fit compared to other brands on the market?

A: Because Society Nine gloves have their own fit profiles that we developed, they aren't comparable to other brands on the market. In other words, if you wear a 14oz glove from another brand in the market and they are too big, don't count out the possibility that a pair of 14oz Society Nine gloves may fit you. 

The closest similarity we can offer based on feedback from our customers is that if you wear a 10oz glove in Twins, our 12oz Bia Boxing Glove fits a bit more similarly to that. 

Additionally, our fit profiles are proportional to weight, so for instance - our 12oz Bia Boxing Glove will have an overall smaller construction than our 16oz Bia Boxing Glove. 

For more recommendations and information to evaluate your size and fit, click here


Q: Where did the name SOCIETY NINE come from?

A: Looking back in American history, there's no greater historical event in women's sports than when Title IX was passed. For those who need a quick history lesson, Title IX states:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

The passing of Title IX was a catalyst for female fighters everywhere - across all sports. It created a meaningful path for women in the sports world - period. That's what our society honors. It pays homage to the fighters before us, and the fighters now amongst us. It speaks to what the future holds for the modern female fighter - she is capable of doing absolutely anything.

You can read more about our company philosophy and ethos here.


Q: What is your returns/exchanges policy?

A: You can find the policies written out for both DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL orders here.

Q: I just placed my order. Why hasn't it gone out immediately?

We have fabulous, badass, kind and generous human beings working hard to make sure your packages look great before they go out (nope, no robots here!)
As such, we request 24-48 business hours from the moment your order was placed for your shipment to go out the door.

Q: Can you explain your shipping rates?

A: The rates that you see in our shipping calculator are real time shipping rates that are pulled in directly from the various carriers. In general, UPS and FedEx are the most expensive services out there, but some people like using them because of the brand name service. That's why we created other economical options for shipping, including the $6.95 flat rate option and the $10.95 large package rate option - it allows us to address the costs of shipping, and invest in the ability to give continually great service to all customers. 

Larger players like Walmart and Amazon have changed consumer perception about how much it actually costs to ship things. Having said that, we promise we are working hard to continue to grow and improve on our shipping services model in order to service the greater good of all customers. 

By choosing to invest in our customer service, build a relationship with us (we promise we actually listen to you!) and believe in Society Nine, you help to build and create that future with us.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We are happy to process a refund if you are unhappy with your purchase within 14 days of receiving your order. We will refund the order minus the original cost of shipping.

For more information, you can find the policies written out here.

Q: What is your exchange policy?

A: We are happy to process an exchange for you within 14 days of receiving your order. Once we receive the product you wish to exchange, we will ship out your exchange and a new tracking number will be provided automatically and sent to you via email.

For more information, you can find the policies written out here.

Q: I never received a tracking number for my order. Why is that?

A: Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time - either because the tracking notification email that we automatically send you when your package is processed has been shot to your spam or junk, or technology failed us and the email simply didn't go through. Not to worry! Reach out to us, and we'll be sure to resend you the tracking number. 

Q: Tracking is showing that my package hasn't moved, or is no where to be found even though I got a tracking notification email several days ago. What happened?

A: From our experience, this can mean a few things:

1) If you can imagine millions of packages being processed every single day, the label on this box very well could’ve not been scanned in - in other words, it missed the scanner itself but is very well on its way. 

2) The package is lost. 

Both scenarios in general are rare, but because scenario 1 is most common between both of these options, we typically recommend seeing if your package happens to show up by the end of the given week. If it does not, on a case by case basis we will work with you to make sure you are taken care of. Not to fret!

More questions? Feel free to email us at sales@societynine.com and we'll be happy to answer!