COVID-19 Shipping Delays

Hey Society Nine community,

Wondering why inventory sell-out periods have felt WAY longer than usual?

Or why, as a customer, your package is taking longer than usual to hit the final mile to your delivery address once it has crossed your border?

While the rate of vaccination has steadily improved, COVID is still a major impact to so many communities locally and globally. That means that border closures or delays for imports can be impacted at anytime, outside our control. Additionally, every country has different extremes of stay-at-home orders - which, can mean added delays beyond our control since local delivery carriers may be limited in labor.

We appreciate your patience and kindness not just to us, but to your delivery carriers far and wide as well. Everyone, every step of the way, is working under various constraints that can be difficult to fathom.

At Society Nine, we will always do everything within our power to be as helpful as we can to you, our customers. 

For more information on the state of COVID impacts domestically and internationally:

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  • Why shipping delays make inflation worse: NPR

Have other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at or our chat window in the lower right corner of our website! We're here to help.