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Gemma Fleming: My own champion and protector.

This is the sixteenth profile in our Society Nine Storytellers series wher...

Ashley Curry: Fighting for country, in Muay Thai, and against MS

Ashley Curry served in the U.S. Navy for six years as an underwater mine expert. After being diagnosed with Multipl...

Farinaz Lari: From being underestimated to becoming the Canadian Flyweight Champion

Farinaz Lari (@farinazlari) is a BCRPA Personal Trainer, International kickboxing coach, Muay Thai coach, World Ki...

Emilee Hoffman: Becoming a stronger me every day

Emilee is a single mom that strives to set an example of strength for her daughter by pursuing her passion for BJ...

Maria Khwaja: Born to be a fighter.

Maria Khwaja is currently an English teacher and is training to hopefully fight as an amat...

Sarah DiSanti: Get out of your own way.

This is the fifth profile in our Society Nine Storytellers series where badass women in our community share their def...
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