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My Boxing Journey is Just Beginning

I have been an athlete my whole life. Growing up, I ...

Cristina Gonzalez: Small, But Mighty

  Photo credit: Sharon Attia I've always been a petite person.  I weighed a mere five pounds, 15 ounces at birth, a f...

Gemma Fleming: My own champion and protector.

This is the sixteenth profile in our Society Nine Storytellers series wher...

The Balance of Power: From the Gym to the Boardroom, What Martial Arts Has Taught Me

  About the author, Beverly Baker: Beverly’s mother always wanted her to take ballet. Instead Beverly fell in l...

Shannon Kasperson: Choosing To Uncover The Fight Within

  Shannon Kasperson is a new(ish) member of the boxing community whose journey truly began when she recognized her...

Susan Botyrius: Boxing out Parkinson's Disease.

   Susan is a mother of two, badass engineer and when she isn't taking life head on she is battling Parkinson's ...

Mildred Apenyo: Women and spaces.

This is the sixth profile in our Society Nine Storytellers series where badass women in our community share their def...
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