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Louise and Jazzy Green: Sharing the Fighting Spirit, Together

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Society Nine | 1 comment

Louise Green is the Founder of Louise Green Millinery Co. Inc, and has been designing & making handmade Millinery for the past 25 years. Jazzy Green, her daughter, is a Fitness and Expert 2 Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructor, has trained at The Olympic Education and Olympic Training Centers for wrestling, is a Level 2 MovNat certified instructor, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor, and has coached middle school wrestlers to professional adult male and female fighters to first-time movers. Her accomplishments include two-time California female state wrestling champion, second in the nation for freestyle wrestling, third for folkstyle, and was seventh in the nation in college. She founded Vital Defense International, and is raising funds to support their programming in various communities across Africa that are beginning this summer.

This is their story.


We come from a long line of strong women. Hopefully Jazzy & I will continue to be role models for future generations of our family.

I don't know when it happened but at some point my daughter Jazzy became my athletic guru. It's been a long & crazy fun fitness journey for both of us & we have loved & supported each other every step of the way.

Jazzy became an athlete at 3 taking gymnastics & soon went on to pursue many forms of fitness & martial arts. She remembers having fit parents who cycled, lifted weights & water skied with her & thinking it was normal. I drove Jazzy to gymnastics, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu & then to 6am wrestling practice in high school. When she asked at 11 to take Krav Maga I decided to train with her. I had never hit anything before. The experience to use my physical strength was freeing & exciting. I found that I loved to hit things. We had a blast as partners in Krav for two years. We challenged each other while training for our yellow belt test. When we passed I realized it was time to let her fly alone.

Jazzy & I are peaceful warriors with the knowledge that we can defend ourselves if need be.

Jazzy became a Krav Maga Instructor at 19. I took her classes where she would often ask me to be her partner & demonstrate skills & technique to the students. At present she teaches at KMW Portland, Oregon. I have continued as a Krav Maga Worldwide member taking CrossFit, kick boxing & mobility & Cardio Con. I am in my 17th year as a member.

At 63 I now take gymnastics, 60 years later than Jazzy. Jazzy & I connect through our joy of working out. We still train together for fun whenever we can. I'm still Mom but I learn from Jazzy's incredible talent every day. What I believe Jazzy has learned from me is tenacity. Once I put my mind to something, I never give up. We both realize how lucky we are to share the passion of fitness & vitality as mother & daughter.

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Leeba Marks
Leeba Marks

May 14, 2017

Go Louise & Jazzy!

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