American Giant's GIANT Stories featuring Society Nine Founder Lynn Le

Reposted with courtesy from American Giant. GIANTISM: “If you’re a woman, you’re already a fighter.” Lynn ...

Insider: A female fighter designed boxing gloves for women— so they could quit risking injury by wearing men's gear

"Le and the Society Nine team spent the better part of 2014 hosting focus groups of women, ranging from fitness moms ...

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls: How Society Nine encourages the fighter in every woman

"Le likes to call it the “spark.” It’s the spark that inspires a woman to give mixed martial arts a try or the spar...

Creator's Young Innovators Series: At Society Nine, Lynn Le creates a community of badass women

“We’re not just a boxing glove company,” Le says. “We’ve galvanized the community of fierce women that say we deser...
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