Announcing The Privilege Tax Initiative, in Partnership with Eleven by Venus Williams

Society Nine is honored to be partnering with EleVen by Venus Williams and other affiliated partners to highlight the gender pay gap by including an optional ‘Privilege Tax’ at checkout, giving our customers the opportunity to donate 19 cents on top of their purchase throughout Women's History Month, which is March. Join the movement for Women’s Equal Pay Day (March 24) for a week, for the entire month, and beyond. 100% of proceeds will go to benefit Girls Inc., a charity committed to inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold, in unity with EleVen by Venus Williams and other partners.

We will include the ‘Privilege Tax’ at every checkout experience for our customers on during the month of March. We will then donate any ‘privilege taxes’ collected in March to Girls Inc. of LA to advance the cause of closing the gender pay gap, alongside EleVen by Venus Williams and other affiliated partners.

Did you know that women make 81 cents to the $1 that men earn?

On average, women working full time and year round are paid 81 cents for every one dollar paid to a man. Since the second half of the 20th century, the women’s labor force participation has grown significantly. Women are working longer hours and pursuing higher education in greater numbers; and yet, despite this progress, significant wage gaps between men and women persist—particularly for women of color.

In the month of March (3.1.21 - 3.31.21) EleVen by Venus Williams, Society Nine and other partners will launch an awareness initiative to bring attention to the wage inequality and will unveil a platform of resources for young women to get inspired & address the issue on a grassroots level. Stay tuned as we share and release more information throughout Women's History Month!