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LA Gym Tour 2016 Recap

When I started working on Society Nine two years ago, I remember feeling so silo'ed in what I was doing. Tinkering wi...

Life after Kickstarter: My top lessons from Society Nine

Two years ago, when I realized the women of my fight community were griping about the lack of quality gear for wome...

Our Bia MMA Glove gets approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission!

We are pleased to share that Society Nine's Bia MMA Glove has been approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission...

What's in a [brand] name?

I don't share this story often, but the more and more I explain it in person with folks I ...

What's Society Nine been up to?! April Edition

I've been updating our Kickstarter backers on a somewhat regular basis, but I have yet to...

Everyone fights for something.

Society Nine was born 18 months ago, when I embarked on a journey to create a different kind of brand for women. Mirt...
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