It's Women's History Month, and We're Partnering with EleVen by Venus Williams!

We are so proud to be joining EleVen by Venus Williams this Women's History Month to continue to advocate for closing the gender pay gap. In 2021, we  launched an inaugural partnership amongst a host of other partner brands, led by EleVen, and this year we're so humbled to be a part of the initiative once more.

Women working full time and year round are paid 84 cents for every $1 dollar paid to a man. Since the second half of the 20th century, the women’s labor force participation has grown significantly. Women are working longer hours and pursuing higher education in greater numbers. However, despite this progress, significant wage gaps between men and women persist—particularly for women of color. 


  • A recent Morningstar analysis revealed that senior executive women earned 84.6 cents for every dollar earned by male executives in 2019.
  • Women also remain outnumbered in the C-suite by seven to one.
  • Women of color, including Black, Asian, and Latina women, account for just three percent, while white men make up 66 percent.
  • Research shows that women face two types of occupational segregation in the workplace—horizontal and vertical—that contribute to the gender inequality reinforced by the wage gap.
  • A 2016 résumé study found that LGBTQ+ women were interviewed 29% less than identical résumés without an LGBTQ+ indicator.
  • Only 35% of working-age women with disabilities are employed in the U.S. compared to 83% of those without disabilities, leaving 23% of women with disabilities to live in poverty.
  • Young Americans—particularly women 16 to 24—are living an altogether different reality, with higher rates of unemployment than older adults and many thousands, possibly even millions, postponing their education, which can delay their entry into the workforce.
  • There is clear evidence that companies with a higher proportion of women in decision-making roles generate greater returns; a study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics suggested that a 30% share of women in corporate leadership positions was associated with a 1% increase in the net margin—equivalent to a 15% rise in profitability.

EleVen & its affiliated partners, including Society Nine, will highlight the gender pay gap by allowing customers to opt-in to contributing a $1 donation on top of their online orders during the month of March. This can be found on EVERY product page, next to the "ADD TO CART" buttons!

We will then donate all donations from the initiative from March 1-31 2022 to Girls Inc, to advance the cause of closing the gender pay gap.

Wage parity should be a benefit for all, but for women this year closing the gender pay gap increased by decades. Pledge to close this gap by taking these steps to end inequality in your workplace:

  • Ask for transparency in pay with published wages (or wage ranges) for all roles measured by market salary and internal pay data
  • Diversify your interviewers to reduce the tendency to hire the same kinds of people
  • Conduct pay equality audits to rectify discrepancies between pay rates
  • Invest in female leadership potential with equitable succession planning
  • Make diversity and closing the gender pay gap a part of your core values
  • Audit reviews and promotions regularly to drive equity in ratings and promotions 
  • Train managers to understand gender bias decision-making, and put clear and consistent criteria in place to reduce bias
  • Support programs like Girls Inc. that enable mentoring and educational opportunities for young girls so that they have an opportunity to learn what leadership means early in their development.

Join us this Women's History Month and beyond to advance progress in creating equitable advancement for all women. Shop now, and find our donation option on every product page, as shown here, under all "ADD TO CART" buttons: 

Eleven by Venus Williams Girls Inc Women's History Month Gender Pay Gap Awareness

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