Our Values

The most powerful value that exists in sport and in life is community. We *all* have a duty and a responsibility to one another to commit to fight and advocate for each other’s humanity, no matter where we are - especially when an entire community within our own has been stripped of theirs. From the black gym owners in our community, to training partners, fellow classmates, coaches and instructors; to those walking in the same neighborhood streets as each and everyone of us, that we see every single day. This is our community, and we stand in unity alongside them. Black lives matter.

One of our favorite quotes comes from the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali:

We commit to reflecting on the importance of our collective humanity and taking action - by educating ourselves, donating to causes we believe in that advocate for social justice, listening and providing the space to those hurt in our community, as well as continuing to fight - whether through peaceful protest or actively speaking out. Community, after all, was what motivated me to create Society Nine five years ago. As a former kickboxing instructor, the classes I taught welcomed individuals from every socioeconomic background, gender identification, body type, religion, ethnicity and race. There was absolutely no place for discrimination, hatred, or racism - and if there was, you were OUT. Zero tolerance. Point blank period. That's what our community committed to - a celebration of our collective strength, power, and most importantly, LIFE.

Nothing exists in this world without community. And with that, I share my team's deepest gratitude to you. Thank you for believing in what we do, and for aligning with our values. 

Lastly, moving forward, the Society Nine Community Fund which is funded by our tee and tank sales, will be contributing $20 of every single full priced sale to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)'s Legal Defense Fund, the nation's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. To learn more, head over here. Head here regarding transparency around donations.

Take great care of one another today, and forever. Our collective humanity depends on it.

Much love,


Founder, Society Nine

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