THE WEEKLY TAKE, VOL. 6: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I have heard from many people that while there's a renewed sense of optimism due to the simplicity of spring sunshine, flowers and fresh air, along with the strides made with vaccinations, re-openings and economic stimulus, that there's still a supreme sense of exhaustion. If you feel this way too, you're not alone. So, given that it is mental health awareness month, check in with yourself and start doing an inventory check on your emotions.
Depression, anxiety, and exhaustion are all at a high. Global and local tragedies awaken our hearts to recognize that we all are truly connected - from horrific mass shootings, to the COVID crisis in India, to continued police violence, to hate crimes. The processing of it all is different for everyone, and it's okay to feel like all you can do is put one foot in front of the other at the moment.
Being privileged and fortunate to have received my vaccine doses, what's been helping me is safely reconnecting with friends and family again, one by one. Reflecting in our gratitude, sharing dreams and hopes about simply what's next. What's also helping is thinking of ways I can help communities still suffering and struggling with COVID. Or who have been impacted by violence by donating what resources I have, or sharing knowledge and information to others who do to ensure the cycle of help continues. Acts of kindness and compassion also doesn't require money.
If you're struggling and don't know where to start, head to National Institute for Mental Health at NIMH.NIH.GOV - stay strong, and keep doing your best. We see you.





Founder, Society Nine

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