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Squad Goals: The Real Life Fighters and Athletes of Wonder Woman

So let's be honest here - who HASN'T seen the film "Wonder Woman" yet?! Okay, no judgments if not. But in case you...

Behind the Scenes: Society Nine's "The Fight Within" Campaign

Our mission at Society Nine is unleashing and empowering the fight within every woman. We do this by providing women ...

The day before: A meditation on venturing into the world of boxing

Written and reposted with permission from Natalie Matushevsky, a participant in Haymakers for Hope. Society Nine ...

Stop apologizing: Memories of my first class

This is the first guest post to the Society Nine blog. It was submitted by a member of our community, Beverly Baker...

How the Bia (Boxing Gloves) came to be

The birth of Society Nine came from the belief that female combat sports athletes deserved gear that served their u...

Society Nine is proud to be a sponsor for Haymakers for Hope!

One of the key components of Society Nine's brand ethos is social impact. As such, we are so proud to announce that...

The rise of women's Olympic combat sports: A brief overview

Female fighters have slowly crept into the mainstream consciousness in the past few years with movies like Million Do...

LA Gym Tour 2016 Recap

When I started working on Society Nine two years ago, I remember feeling so silo'ed in what I was doing. Tinkering wi...
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