Society Nine's Fifth Birthday: A Reflection

In 2011, I discovered Krav Maga and it single handedly changed my entire life. Not only was it a spiritual awakening - a journey of self discovery of strength and power I never knew I had physically, mentally and emotionally - but it gave me a community that I never had. This community existed not just within the confines of the gym in which I trained, but an undeniable connection and synergy felt no matter what gym I walked into, no matter what city I was in. It’s in this very community that I realized the very industry we were so deeply passionate about - combat sports (which, includes boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai, and all forms of martial arts) - wasn’t really interested in representing self identifying women, from product to stories. And if they did, they did in such a way that tokenized individual women singularly, rather than as a COLLECTIVE - an entire interest group that has needs AND skills in fitness and sport, like men, and whose stories deserved to be told more beyond being simply “the one,” or the standard “get a girl that can be both beautiful and can fight.”

Our stories are deeper than that - and why we train, whether for fitness or competitively, goes so much deeper than glory or attention. I can say in the past five years of doing this and being in over 100 gyms around the country, that the stories are powerful, inspirational and soulful, all to say the least. They deserved to be told, beyond the literal and proverbial “pink glove.” That desire and passion to tell these stories drove me insane in 2014 - company founders always talk about the “spark” inside that starts it all. This was mine.

I started incubating Society Nine in 2014 from my apartment floor. As the passion consumed me, I started strategically selling and getting rid of everything I owned, and had nothing but a mattress on the floor (who needs a box spring or a frame, seriously). I had a plastic storage tub that contained all the things that mattered as my office desk, my clothes and my shoe collection which also dwindled as I started selling them off for some extra cash.

We launched at the beginning of 2015, on Kickstarter and I was terrified. The first two years, I personally survived through the investment and generosity of incredible friends who, even if they didn’t have the money to invest, invested in me through the comforts of a place to sleep, rest, reset and keep pushing for this dream. 

Five years later, we’re a team of 4 with an office, warehouse, sportswear and training gear pieces including the piece that started it all and continues to be our signature product, the Bia (“bye-ah”) Boxing Glove, named after the Greek goddess of force and strength.

However, one product in particular was the most elusive of them all, for a multitude of reasons: cost, size challenges and general product development challenges. Over the years, it was the most requested product of all, but it also happened to be one of the hardest and most cost prohibitive - a boxing shoe designed for women.

I'm so proud that after two years of hard work and literal sweat and tears, the day is just around the corner. To be the first to know when it's up and live, sign up for our newsletter. 

Until the beast is unleashed, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this community. For believing that we deserve options. For constantly investing in us, and giving us opportunities to serve you and make you proud. For trusting us. 

Til the next post ☺️

With gratitude,
Founder, Society Nine


  • Heidi Amouta

    I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for this launch!! I’ll be waiting with bated breath tomorrow morning. So proud of this company and all you are doing. Thank you for empowering women in combat sports and for being a company that cares so much about connection. I love how this team supports and cheers on gyms, athletes, coaches across the globe. Congrats on 5 years!

  • Monique

    This story was really inspiring. Seeing brands like yours emerge in the marital arts world really brings a light to my (and many other women’s) life. I really feel that your products are all designed with intention. I love the perfect touch of femininity that they have without being too overly done. It’s funny, when you get rid of the hot pinks and stereotypically “girly” aesthetics, you can really put out something genuine and stunning.

    Receiving new gear in the mail is always an exciting feeling, but knowing that I’m ordering from a company with similar values as me makes the product that much sweeter to open up. Thanks to you and your team for the products and inspiration. Looking forward to ordering more of your products.

  • Morgan

    Amazing!!! Beautiful story of hard work and dedication. I love all my society nine products and am SO looking forward to a boxing shoe that does not lock me into pink patent leather because I am a women or force me into wrestling shoes because there are no other options, When you have a tiny foot, there is often no men’s size to even consider fitting into. THANK YOU!

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