Society Nine’s Guide to Self Care (Hint: It’s not what you think)

“Self care” has been a buzzy hashtag and phrase, but for those who maybe never cared for the concept or prioritized it, self care is especially now more important and real than ever. 

At the same time, it’s hard to do that when, from every corner, it feels like companies, lifestyle blogs, influencers and news media are pushing you constantly to be productive. It can feel daunting, and difficult to navigate - especially when you’re juggling with major, possibly catastrophic, life altering experiences that vary for each individual. 

“You’re at home now? Time to be productive! Learn guitar! Become an artist! Build a business! Come up with a new physics theory! Learn to speak five languages! Become the next Julia Child! Eat clean! And oh yeah - get a six pack!”

While all meaning well, what these general sentiments seem to forget is one actually pretty simple, yet major, thing.

A sense of humanity and grace.

This type of messaging seems to forget that people are at home, not just because of governmental orders, but possibly because they have lost jobs. Possibly lost loved ones. Have friends or family that have gotten ill, or they themselves are suffering from illness.

An Instagram post recently written by Bobby Kim, the co-founder of The Hundreds, one of the most iconic streetwear brands, used an analogy that was so simple but incredibly resonant: 

Put on your own oxygen mask first.

In other words, you can’t help your friends and family, your greater community - whether that’s a religious group, your colleagues at work, or a neighbor you don’t even know walking around in the same grocery store - unless you take care of YOU first. There is only one you. And no one knows your journey - between job loss, financial fears, mental and emotional fears - all of these things are real and they affect all of us.

You deserve grace.

On that note, that’s our only self-care tip. To give yourself grace. 

On our end, we'll always meet you where you are, with no expectations.

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