Now Announcing New International Shipping Services

To our international customers,

We listened to your feedback and we heard you! 

We've been working hard to find the right partner to improve our international shipping costs around the world. Many of you have reached out to us about your concerns regarding knowing duty rates up front, as well as lowering the overall cost to ship worldwide.

We are happy to announce that we've improved our international shipping services to be able to meet this need. Western Europe, Asia and Australian customers can now expect to see up to a 50% lower rate than previous, including duties. Now at checkout, once you enter your shipping information, you'll be able to see the full cost including your duties to be paid, unless the country you are located in has different tariff rules, in which case you may be required to still pay duties later to receive your package - the difference now is, we provide you with an estimation so you at least can know what to expect!

Duty rates will still vary from country to country, but we hope this is a positive step towards a bigger picture for us at Society Nine, which is to be able to continue to improve and increase access to customers all over the world. 

Returns and exchange policies for international customers can be found here.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask us at! 

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