Introducing: The Society Nine Eos High Top

"Why not?"

It all started with that question. A women's boxing shoe was the most requested product from us and in 2018, we decided to embark on that journey. The journey to answer that question, “Why not?"

Our customer base spans across the country and around the world but, fun fact - our biggest customer base happens to be in New York. Many of the products we develop to launch are piloted and tested with different communities we’ve become close with since our brand’s inception.

After connecting with different NY-based customers as a preliminary focus group, we researched and tried to walk a mile (or more) in their shoes literally and figuratively. The ultimate conclusion was that many of them, though fully aware that you’re not technically supposed to wear boxing shoes out of the ring for a bunch of reasons including cleanliness, the repeating, underlying question for many of them was, “WHY NOT? All it takes is a simple clean wipe up before class, and they won’t mess up the ring”; and, “I’m tired of carrying a bunch of pairs of shoe throughout the day - work shoes, regular workout trainers, boxing shoes. It would be nice sometimes to have a stylish pair that could perform AND could do at least 2 out of 3 of those functions and cut down on the load I have to carry.”

Our answer is the Eos (EE-os) High Top, named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. A project two years in the making, we named this shoe Eos in honor of the customers in our community and self-identified women in general, who are ushering in a new dawn - in their careers, their personal lives, and ultimately for themselves. The shoe was born out of the number of requests we got from loyal customers over the years who asked when Society Nine could make a women’s boxing shoe. It was easily the number 1 product request we’ve received. Designed with beauty and performance in mind, it's a shoe with full street wearability and performance for the ring - so Society Nine will truly be with you, every step you take.

Some key features of the Eos High Top include:

  • Two colors available on launch: black/gold, and storm gray/gold

  • Sizes 6-10, including half sizes. The shoes stand at 8 inches tall, with a .5 inch heel height.

  • We have our proprietary, custom designed synthetic ankle cuff molded for supporting you in all movements from pivoting, rotation and lateral (side to side) movement

  • A 100% rubber Society Nine branded outsole, durable for ring and street wear-and-tear

  • A lightweight, breathable multi-layered 40% recycled polyester woven mesh to reduce consumption of virgin materials and improve sustainability footprint

  • A mid-sole that features 10% seaweed composition to further reduce consumption of virgin materials and improve sustainability footprint

  • A sturdy woven nylon pull tab for easy on/off

  • An additional pair of laces so you can stylize your high-tops based on your outfit and mood

Nine prototype rounds and almost 2 years later, we launched in two color ways available for pre-order through Kickstarter. Five years ago, we launched Society Nine as a company on Kickstarter, and now we are coming full circle on our fifth birthday on the platform with our boldest product to date. 

Our small but nimble and passionate team has risked everything to bring this shoe to market, and ultimately we are incredibly proud of what we’ve put together. We hope that we’ll have made you proud as well, and that you’ll consider being the very first to rock the Eos High Top by pre-ordering. 

We originally had other plans regarding the product launch - in fact, we intended on launching in March 2020, but when the pandemic hit we had to change course dramatically. As a result, we had to shift focus all of our energies towards the various emergencies that erupted as a result of pandemic - which brings us to our Kickstarter campaign today. 

We need to hit our campaign goal to ensure that the shoes go into production - this campaign helps us make our deposit on our purchase order. Our materials are ready - we need your help to make it through this final stretch!

Click here to pledge now and help us hit our campaign goal!

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