Announcing: Society Nine Community Fund

When I started Society Nine five years ago, one of the biggest motivation factors for me was to create a platform and community through the brand that could continue to re-invest back into the communities that we serve, all around the country and the world. 

As the founder, there are certain values that are incredibly important to me and our company vision that have never wavered with every year of growth that passes. Creating quality, beautiful product that performs is certainly one of them - but there are also a few additional values that are paramount to our belief system at Society Nine. 

We believe that health and wellness is a right, not a privilege; and that empowerment starts with wellness and strength within, which then feeds into every action and step one takes in the world. 

Conscious capitalism is a concept that has evolved since its origins in 2013. Our company is incredibly passionate about what that has meant for us since day one. In our earliest days, we started by being committed to ensuring that programs and non profit organizations giving back to their communities in the form of free boxing or self defense clinics had access to tools to mobilize their students to learn. We knew in simple terms of course that a business is just not sustainable on giving away free product, or giving away money left and right - but, we thought to ourselves: in what ways can we work with our loyal customers to ensure that their hard earned dollars, investing in our products and our company mission, went back to communities that deserve access to self empowerment as well?

Since our inception, we allocate a substantial quota of product annually to ensure, at minimum, these types of programs always had the right gear for their students so they can train to be their strongest and best. These programs focused on socioeconomically disadvantaged communities and areas, and spanned across age, gender, skill set and race. 

We’re thrilled to announce a new initiative in addition to that, one that I’ve personally been dreaming of since before Society Nine ever came to life. We felt there was no better time to announce this initiative than March 2020, which is Women’s History Month.

Moving forward, $5 of every full priced tee or tank purchase goes towards a fund dedicated to access for young people in critical arenas of success: in wellness, entrepreneurship and education. 

UPDATED 3/17/20: $20 of every full priced tee or tank purchase will go towards our community fund until further notice.

These three areas, we believe, are paramount to our future and creating the kind of change that we at Society Nine are driven to create. Why?  

1 - Wellness: simply put, individuals can’t give back to anyone - from friends and family, to their communities, jobs and ambitions - if they aren’t their strongest self, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s important to Society Nine that we find ways to fuel access to wellness in the best way that we know how, which is access to physical and mental wellness.

2 - Entrepreneurship doesn’t just mean starting businesses and companies. It’s about fueling creativity - no matter what that looks like. When one’s mental, physical and emotional state feels strong, one can be their most creative self. That creativity can lead to change everywhere and anywhere - whether it’s in politics, the workplace or community.

3 - Education is the other leg of our stool. Starting at a local level, we want to ensure that education and wellness go hand in hand - nutrition, wellness, consistency, dedication and a safe space to learn and focus are paramount to graduation rates. We are dedicated to keeping this in mind as we build our roster of partners who address this very matter.

Every quarter, we will decide the programs that will receive the funding - which will be based on mission alignment with our brand, who they serve and how. We’ll share these recipients with you on a quarterly basis, so that you can see your dollars at work and learn more about groups doing great work to service their communities and beyond.

We are building relationships with respected partners now to ensure that the funding is properly utilized and dispensed. We are committed to sharing with you each time funding is dispensed, including how much, to who and what for. We can’t wait to share with you who they are.

You can check out our tees and tanks here - and we look forward to investing your dollars to enable change in the best way we know how, together. 


**Fine Print**

  • $5 of every full price tee and tank. Does not apply to last chance inventory, discounted or promotional product, whether provided for free (for branding purposes) or discounted. UPDATED 3/17/20: $20 of every full priced tee or tank will contribute to the Society Nine Community Fund until further notice.

  • Returned tees and tanks are counted against sales.

  • Quarters are to be defined as regular fiscal quarters and the awarded recipient will be announced within 1 month of quarter end, pending partnership agreement.

  • We reserve the right to pick who we partner with. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time. 

  • We reserve the right to stop working with a partner if it is determined there is misalignment with Society Nine regarding mission, values and goals for community impact. 

  • There is no cap to our giving; however, we reserve the right to put one in place. 

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