Our Bia MMA Glove gets approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission!

We are pleased to share that Society Nine's Bia MMA Glove has been approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is considered one of the most stringent athletic commission in the game - so this was a huge win for the team. Big kudos goes to our glove designer, Rafael Montes, for playing a big role in making this happen. 

I flew to Las Vegas to meet with the commissioners as part of a public hearing, where they asked us questions about the construction and engineering of our gloves. The Executive Director and the Chief Inspector of the NSAC heavily examined our gloves prior to the hearing, and they both made a recommendation for approval - which lead to a unanimous decision by the commissioners for approval of our gloves for use in competition. We owe the NSAC Executive Director and Chief Inspector a huge thanks for believing in our quality, running a thorough glove inspection, and advocating for our approval.

The hearing was a very cool experience, since we were on an agenda with a lot of other topics. I even had the chance to meet "Big" John McCarthy, one of the most well known MMA refs in the game (he refs nearly every major UFC card) who was there for his own professional reasons. 

If you had asked me two years ago where we'd be now, I don't honestly know if I would've said "We will get NSAC approval" because of the amount of work I knew it would take. However, what I am most proud of is that it speaks to the testament of not only Rafael's talent, but also our team's belief that even though we are a young company, we won't settle on our gear - even if it's our very first version of it. We wanted to come out of the gate proud of what we produced. What we're most excited about is, with your feedback, we can only continue to get better from here. You are a part of this team too. 

Thanks for being a part of our journey - let's keep going up, together!


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