2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Mark Your Calendars

The wild west that is the retail e-commerce world, in a time of COVID, continues on for the 2021 holiday season.

To help you plan as best as possible, we pulled together all the most important dates for you. Please note that with an unprecedented time (we know, we really hate that word right now too because it's used quite a bit, but sadly it's accurate to describe the times) for supply chain and consumer retail, these dates are conservative estimates.

While other shipping companies, blogs and sources might provide other dates, based on our experiences, we've tacked on an additional several days in order to provide buffer room for you. This still does not recognize any unforeseen circumstances that would be beyond our control, including but not limited to natural disasters, other transit issues, and weather. 

  • For domestic (US) shipping:
    Society Nine uses a combination of USPS and UPS shipping services, at our discretion. As such, please try to place your orders by December 8, 2021. After December 8, there are no guarantees unless paid for. 

  • For international shipping:
    Society Nine uses a combination of APC, SF Express, DHL and FedEx shipping services, at our discretion based on the shipment destination. As such, please try to place your orders by November 30, 2021. After November 30, there are no guarantees unfortunately due to our inability to control any transit delays between borders.

For ANY questions, accommodations or special requests that you don't see here, or see at checkout in the shipping portion, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@societynine.com! We'd be happy to help however we can! 

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